U-Niche Creations is a wooden furniture manufacturing company in Johannesburg producing furniture products largely targeted towards the Hospitality Industry – Reception areas of Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses as well as the private sector. We manufacture in accordance with clients’ specification, and pricing is in accordance with clients’ requirements.

U-Niche Creations' versatile, contemporary designs are also suitable for casinos and restaurants, with emphasis on our wall décor – exotic mirrors, wall plaques and wall adornment, sideboards and servers, making a statement in any entrance or reception area.

Based on over twenty five years experience in the manufacturing industry of which seventeen years was dedicated to the export of our total production of mass produced furniture products into Europe and the UK.

This extensive, combined experience in the manufacturing industry, Shirley on the creative, marketing and administration side and Richard on the manufacturing and technical side was resultant in the founding of U-Niche Creations in 2002, establishing a brand new business creating rustic furniture of unique and innovative design, influenced and drawing inspiration from the simplicity of the Provence and Tuscan regions of Europe, to combine and blend with the unique, ethnic cultures of our continent of Africa, resulting in a fusion of functional timeless furniture unique to Africa, yet not limited.

We use African Hardwoods, such as Teak, Mahogany, Kiaat, Rosewood as well as Saligna. U-Niche Creations products are all made from solid wood. In addition we use Pine which is techniqued / distressed for an aged effect.

We also offer various table bases and designs:
Diamond Table